Day in the Life of Mom & Baby.

I saw Leah do one of these posts on her blog (which you should check out HERE), so I wanted to do my version. Samantha has been pretty consistent as of the past week or so with a routine.

This “day in the life of” post is the usual scenario on a day off or if I train a person in the morning and am back before 7:30am when Pat has to leave for work. This type of day I usually have about 2-3 per week.


5:00am: Samantha wakes up HUNGRY. Quick diaper change then a 5.5oz bottle. She usually falls back asleep. I have a feeling this isn’t going to last too long, so we are savoring it!

7:00am: Samantha wakes up for the day. I bring her to bed with me, cuddle for a bit then we head to her play mat for some sitting up/ tummy time.

7:30am: While Sam plays, I make breakfast or heat up some oats I prepped. Some fruit and peanut butter is almost always involved a long with coffee.20160223_073034-18:00am: Breakfast for Sam. It usually consists of a fruit or pumpkin, oatmeal and maybe some yogurt and cinnamon. She loves cinnamon.20160223_132505-18:30am: Play time! This usually involves the cube, dollhouse or random toys. She’ll start to get tired and then want to nap.20160223_1302419:00am-10:00am: Babe is down for a nap and mom gets to some blog stuffs or work done for PT clients. Her morning nap is about 30-45mins, so I use this time to prep for the next day.

11:00am: I’ll do some cleaning, laundry and prep some of her bottles while she walks around in the walker. Maybe even have a snack if I’m extra hungry that morning.20160223_090440-112:30pm: Lunchtime! I will always have some type of sandwich, whether it’s turkey sandwich from Subway or a veggie burger. 20160218_131224-12:00pm: Nap time is approaching. I give her a rice rusk or puffs to nibble on while she watches some tunes or Elmo. She is obsessed with Elmo! After, I’ll give her a bottle and this will usually put her to sleep.20160220_1130283:00pm: Nap time. It can go anywhere from 45mins to two hours. I use this time to get more cleaning done, have a snack, some fruit, get laundry folded and also take a shower.20150827_121607-1_zps2e38e63d 4:00-5:00pm: The babe is up and it’s dinner time. It will include some type of veggie. She has been loving this spinach combo. I sometimes will add a bit of pear or apple if it’s one of those days she is “not having it” with the veggies.  She will gobble it right up!20160219_172734-16:00pm: Dinner time for mommy and bottle for Sam. The nights that I am with Sam all day, Pat comes home by 9:00pm. Since I am up early I can’t wait until that time to eat, I’ll have half of a Subway footlong if I bought the $6 special. Otherwise it’s left overs of protein, carbs and veggies!20150819_175729-1_zps2c1a7cca7:00pm: Prep dinner for Pat and begin to wind down for the day. After I cook, I’ll clean up the dishes and prep bottles for Sam.

8:00-8:30pm: Once I see she is starting to get hungry I take her a bath and give her the last bottle for the evening. She will almost always falls straight to sleep. I wait for Pat to come home and relax for the rest of the evening.Sam10:00pm: Bedtime. Some days I fall asleep by 9:30pm or days it’s 11:00pm but in general. 10:00pm is the usual.

That’s a wrap on one of my “all day” with the babe day! Both of these days are my rest days! Sometimes if I have to run errands I’ll walk around the entire store to get some steps in but usually I just rest! Need that R&R. 🙂

Question: What do YOU do one your rest day or day off from work/ school?





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