MIMM #2: New Finds & Spring?

This past weekend in New England was in the 50’s!

Although I am NOT complaining at all… it is a bit weird, don’t ya think? 20160220_145054Marvelous is… the fact that I didn’t have to wait until spring or summer to take Samantha to the park. She loves people watching and swinging. 😀20160220_153631Marvelous is… my veggie loving babe. Since we can’t do the green beans or peas, I found some other alternatives and her favorite has been this combo! I’ll have to make it myself one of these days but for now… thanks Beechnut!20160219_172734-1Marvelous is… this Ocean Spray juice! PACs are elements found in cranberries that purify and cleanse the body. I love cranberry juice but there is too much sugar and the diet or sugar free ones are not so delicious.IMG_20160220_114924This one has no sugar added and is GMO free and a WHOLE 30 calories per serving. Can’t beat that right?

Marvelous is… Bai drinks! I’ve tried the coconut, pomegranate and blueberry flavors. I found this one and was perfect for this “spring like” weather.20160221_105333-1Marvelous is… Fage lovin’! During the first trimester of pregnancy, I didn’t like that taste of “super thick & real” Greek yogurt. I can say it’s finally now back in my palate. Phew!20160221_093228-1Marvelous is… my yogurt lovin’ babe. I’ve been pretty lucky with Sam’s palate. The only things she doesn’t care for [unless masked] is bananas and carrots. She loves this yogurt combo from Stonyfield!IMG_20160218_092048 I usually use in her breakfast with oatmeal and extra mango or pear!MIMMThat’s a wrap for my Marvelous week of finds and my spring weekend. Thanks Katie for hosting!

Question: What’s your favorite yogurt?

Have YOU ever tried Bai drinks?

2 thoughts on “MIMM #2: New Finds & Spring?

  1. Seriously, I couldn’t eat the WEIRDEST things my first trimester. Thank goodness that for the most part those weird aversions pass quickly! Yay for good eaters! My son would eat (and still will at least try) absolutely ANYTHING. I’m sure that just like my dude she’ll hit bumps where she’ll get picky, but just keep trying, momma! My son didn’t really dig carrots in the beginning, and now loves them!


    1. Thats really good! I hope she stays that way. Especially when my eats may vary from time to time depending on the season. We don’t like carrots in our house so it isn’t a total loss… we just have a ton from my mom 🙂 Hope your last few moments of pregnancy are treating you well!!! ❤


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