MIMM #1: Fit Mom Life

Welcome to my first Marvelous in My Monday as Fit Coffee Mom.

Since I’ve made the change, I just feel that this blog defines my present state then Nutritiously Sweet did (although it will always be my baby blog).

Marvelous is… seeing baby gains! I’ve been working hard the past month or so on my fitness. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I am always focused on others but it was finally time to get my body going. #ProgressNOTPerfection.20160213_102555Marvelous is…a good sale. Found my favorite soap on sale at Walmart for $2.50! Usually they are $3-$4 each. Going to stash up on these puppies.20160212_194809 Marvelous is… finding other “veggie foods” for Samantha. Now I know I can make things myself but I am a busy working mom on the good and these natural Beechnuts are a life saver! 20160213_144055-1Since she may have my legume allergy, I needed to get something besides sweet potato, corn, pumpkin and squash. I can’t wait for her to try these! I’ll be trying some mashed avocado on my own if she like it.

Speaking of Samantha, marvelous is my love bug! DSC_8551Grammy & Grampi (Pat’s Parents) almost always do a photo shoot with her. She is quite the model if I may say. ❤ DSC_8602Marvelous is… cereal “trail mix.” I’ve been doing a ton of cereal for breakfasts but adding fun things like trail mix, coconut flakes, chia seeds and such. Simple and yummy.20160212_165346 these pancakes! If you haven’t tried them, go check them out. They are one of my favorite recipes from Nutritiously Sweet.That’s a wrap for this first edition of Marvelous in My Monday. Thanks Katie for hosting!MIMMQuestion: What’s been MARVELOUS in your life lately?

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