Samantha Julia {6 Months}

I cannot believe half a year has passed. 20160208_162911-1Time truly does go by quick. I must say every second of every day is always different. So what’s new since month 4 for Samantha?20160208_162327 Teething big time. It sucks and she isn’t a fan of teethers.

We’ve tried a little yogurt in the past couple of weeks, so I decided to freeze a pouch of Stonyfield baby yogurt, cut it half and bam… instant relief.20160208_182403-1 She will bite it for a few minutes, then she’s good to go. She also likes this rattle by Bright Starts. She loves the crinkle sound in the wings and I think it distracts her from any pain. Best $2.00 spent!12717309_10102441933073410_3477119564231514405_nWhatever works right?

Puffs & rice rusks have been huge too.12647464_10102432050173820_2667928161470938329_n The puffs are there to keep her entertained. I’ll sit next to her while she’s in her high chair and work on her grabbing skills. She’ll usually only eat 8 and I think a serving is something crazy like 90 puffs.20160209_152939-1 I found these blueberry ones for 0.90 cents [getting discontinued], but I usually go for this brand in Sweet Potato. The Happy Brand is awesome and I can find those puffs sometimes for less than $2.50 on sale. LaptopOne of my friends gave me this laptop for Samantha. It’s by Vtech and is an older model but WOW she loves it. It keeps her entertained if I need to get work done or cook dinner.

She still likes the Vtech activity cube from 4 months, but this one definitely has taken more of her time. Speaking of time; Bedtime!

Looking for a good mattress for baby? Let’s TALK!

We originally purchase this Naturepedic lightweight mattress for Samantha before she was born and we had tried to get her to sleep in the crib and she just kept waking up.

We had bed rails for out bed and just ended up sleeping on the futon in living room for a month or so. I know not the BEST solution but we were tired and wanted her to rest. I later realized I still had packaging for the mattress and decided to take it back. 20151203_113746I sat in the mattress section and looked up every mattress in store since I had to get it from Buy Buy Baby with my credit. I didn’t want it to be heavy but I wanted it to last and have her feel comfy. Colgate are the mattress specialist so after all my research I went with the regal II deluxe.

First night with the new mattress, Sam slept through the night! It is much more comfy and isn’t as hard as the lightweight one. It feels more like our mattress but with better support for baby and it was cheaper!

That’s a wrap for my baby girl at 6 months. She still is a fan of everything from the 4 month recap post, so these are the extra. 🙂

Question: What are some of your baby’s/ toddler favorites? Please share I am always looking for new things/ ideas to try!

3 thoughts on “Samantha Julia {6 Months}

  1. So cute! Yes teething is no fun. The boys have colds now unfortunately. Maddox loved mum mums at that age. I keep forgetting to pick some up for Travis. We’re really liking the Water Wipes, target brand diapers, plum organics purée pouches in spinach peas & pear. The boys have also been getting excessively dry skin so cerave baby & cetaphyl have been helpful!


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