From Nutritiously Sweet to Fit Coffee Mom!

That time has come where blogging loses it’s shall I say spark?!

I love blogging and want to continue blogging, but Nutritiously Sweet was a previous chapter in my life. Sure I still bake, but it isn’t as much as I use to. Being a mom has taking over my life as well as moving forward as a fitness professional. We all know my obsession with coffee… so why not become the Fit Coffee Mom?20160121_093238_zpsqwdmm8elIf you want to continue follow my and Samantha’s journey, please head over to and subscribe for the blog there!

This page will feature me and Samantha, tons of fitness, mommy and baby related. From time to time there WILL be mommy rants, recipes, reviews and more. If that sounds like your thing, please follow me!

My instagram name has also changed to FITCOFFEEMOM so find me there 🙂

Thank you to everyone who has supported Nutritiously Sweet since 2011! Time flies and as we grow, so do the things around us.

Welcome to Fit Coffee Mom friends!


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