Baby Samantha {4M Recap}

 Happy five months to my beautiful baby girl!10374889_10102414552269760_6836699631286945084_nI remember this time last year being pregnant and hating the nausea.

I was living off of Starbucks Cool Lime tea and bagels. Funny, I find myself still in Starbucks and craving bagels.


Samantha started eating some solids at the end of 4 months.

We are sticking with some rice cereal and a teaspoon of baby banana food for breakfast or lunch of organic brown rice cereal and baby sweet potato.

We have been loving the Happy Bellies rice cereal with added DHA and Choline!71HlhjWAVmL._SX522_Plus it has probiotics for the belly.

Since my work schedule varies, we try to give her either the breakfast or lunch, never both. Once she hits 6 months (and we both settle with work), we will get more consistent with a small breakfast/ lunch and dinner.

We have been using these spoons to feed her.14909617349473pWe have others but I think because it’s thinner then the other ones, she eats better from these. The others are too wide for her tiny mouth.

For clean up or to have handy in my diaper bag, we are obsessed with Babyganics hand sanitizer & stain remover20150827_134352-2_zpse74bc74a1.jpgBabies (and moms) can get messy! The Babyganics stain remover is amazing for getting out those tough stains. Definitely going to stock up some more.

A couple of her favorite toys for the last couple of months have been: 44e391ba-19e4-4785-a3eb-4aa860310244_1.34e56df4065f3a85de2017aa96235ab8VTech’s Busy Learners Activity Cube.

The VTech Click  & Count (sensing a pattern here?).

Can’t forget My Pal Scout, especially for bedtime music!11694918_10102452488200850_8853355431971994638_nThe Rainforest Jumperoo is a new favorite of hers.

Other things she’s been using has been plenty of teethers, bibs, fun  bath toys and random toys that shake. 😀

She is such a joy and happy baby, we got so lucky with this little love bug. That’s it for now! Until the next update and remember to see more posts HERE about all things baby!

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