1st & 2nd Trimester

Here is all health and fitness related during my first pregnancy for the first and second trimester!babySamI am going to talk about how my health and fitness has gone so far during this pregnancy. Most of my information I have gathered was through websites, such as Baby Center or from hearing tips from veteran mamas!


First Trimester (til 6-8Weeks)
 I didn’t find out I was pregnant until almost two months. At that time, I was finally back into the swing of bodybuilding (about 4 weeks post my Laparotomy surgery) and counting macros.

  • Macros: My average macros “pre-pregnancy” were around 180Carbs, 120Protein and 65Fat.
  • Workouts: I was lifting four times a week dividing back, bi’s, tri’s, shoulders, chest, abs and lower body. I also reserved two days for rest and one day for just cardio (usually spin). I also did cardio on one of the arm days, usually was on shoulders.
  • Instructing: I was teaching spin about 4 times a week, plus two Tabata/HIIT classes and one Stretch&Abs class. It wasn’t until til 7th week I began to get very nauseous.


First Trimester (8-13Weeks)
I was just super nauseous and tired to teach all my classes. I ended up giving up a Tabata and spin class to have more rest.

  • Macros: Man did my protein plummet. I was a tad worried but I knew what was most important was keeping at least some food in my system. I mostly ate bagels, cereal, eggs and iced tea. Macros mostly came from carbs: 280-320Carbs, 55-70Protein, 50Fat.bagel
  • Workouts: If I wasn’t an instructor, I probably would have been in bed all day. I dropped down to doing spin 2-3 times a week and 1 weight training day (mostly legs).
  • Instructing: I dropped down to teaching spin about 2-3 times a week (usually asked for coverage), one Tabata/HIIT class and the one Stretch&Abs class.


Second Trimester 13Weeks to [Now at] 20Weeks20170720_100921At about 11-12 Weeks, I began to get my energy back and eating a bit more protein. I was able to handle some Quest bars, yogurt, meats and cheese.

  • Macros: They got much better. Still about 55% of them came from carbs, which is okay with me. They average 290-340Carbs, 85-100Protein and 65-70Fat.Calorie wise, I am eating about 2100-2400. I eat when I am hungry and if I go over one day, I don’t stress out because there are maybe a day or two in the week I’m a bit under. I also made sure to get in more water, because the first two months was all sugary iced tea.
  • Workouts: For lent, I decided to up my yoga, so I must do at least 20-45mins of yoga twice a week. I am also still doing spin, but only 2-3 times a week plus 1-2 weight training days (usually arms and a lower body).14390924_1657102230982644_4401324017154961209_n
  • Instructing: Now only teaching spin 2-3 times a week. I dropped another spin, plus the Tabata/Hitt and Stretch&Abs class. I’ve been picking up spin classes and work at my yoga studio to make up for it.

The key things I try to focus on are staying active, yet making sure to rest and eating as best as I can. I tried to eat mostly whole foods now that my “normal” appetite is back. Lots of fruits, yogurts, light string cheese, turkey, whole grains and such.

I also am taking my daily prenatal, probiotics and using Skoop’s A-Game to get greens in (veggies are the only thing that are still a turn off). All I can do is take it one day at a time and be as healthy and fit as I can be for Samantha and I ❤

Question to Pregnant Mamas or Veteran Moms: How do/did you stay healthy during your pregnancy? What were your go to foods or workouts?