DITL: Tuesday Work [+Kid Free] Day.

Howdy y'all. For today's post I'll be taking you through another "day in the life" of one of my work/ kid free days. Mondays used to be my busiest day, but now I'm off. I figured I'd give you a snippet into one of my Tuesdays since it shifted to a more busy day for … Continue reading DITL: Tuesday Work [+Kid Free] Day.

[Almost] Three Months In: Low Carb Lifestyle.

I'm currently two-ish months into this low carb lifestyle, almost three months. Not much has changed with the exception of me having trouble now hitting my carbs for the day... never thought I'd ever say THAT. Some other PROS: I don't have as many sweet tooth cravings as I did before. I don't experience that mid-day … Continue reading [Almost] Three Months In: Low Carb Lifestyle.